TV Production

Director and Head Writer: “The Group,” a full-length sitcom produced Fall 2013

Segment Producer, “Bringing Back Burlington” (One of three stories of Elon’s “30 Minutes”  spring 2014 news program, part of “The 60 Minutes Master Course,” an advanced special interest course offered to select senior-level journalism students)

I led a team of two other students in scriptwriting, coordinating interviews and other shoots, and communicating with the show’s executive producer.

Segment Editor,” Seeking Solace” (First segment of “30 Minutes” Show 2, was one of three production members, filming for three segments and editing final pieces)

As a production member, I worked with the producers and correspondents of three different segments to film and manage all technical aspects of the show, coordinating file exchanges for various shoots across North Carolina. I edited the entire piece below, working directly with the correspondent and producer to make all edits according to the show’s vision.

Commercial remake-“Acuvue Twins” Fall 2013

For the project below, I was tasked to recreate a commercial, adapting the script material or set locations as necessary to appeal to the target audience.

School of Communications Promo-Spring 2013

In the video below, I was given two hours to film, produce, and edit a commercial for the School of Communications.

PERCS PSA-Spring 2013, Public service announcement for Elon community research group

As part of a team of four students, I filmed all footage and wrote the PSA script for a non-profit affiliated with the university.


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